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HQE Sustainable Urban Planning

HQE Sustainable Urban Planning certifies that the development of a unit, neighbourhood, town, or region addresses all sustainable development issues.
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HQE Sustainable Infrastructure

HQE Sustainable Infrastructure certification (HQE-SI) certifies that an infrastructure addresses all sustainable development challenges, and is designed for all infrastructure projects’ developers, both private and public.
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Today, the development of a neighbourhood or territory, like the deployment of a new infrastructure, must be a sustainable, inclusive and collaborative project, incorporating the best solutions in terms of construction, energy, digital technology and ecomobility.

You are a public or private developer and each of your projects has to reconcile numerous issues:

· coordinating national policies with local dynamics;

· adapting to major transitions with respect to climate, energy, digital technology, work patterns and mobility, etc.;

· enhancing inhabitants’ health, wellbeing and quality of life;

· promoting the project’s acceptability and insertion into the social and cultural fabric;

· preserving biodiversity, architectural heritage and landscapes, etc.

This is true for all types of projects in France and around the world: building new neighbourhoods, urban renewal projects, building public infrastructure, services and facilities, joint development zones, creating logistics or enterprise zones, reconverting industrial, military or commercial wasteland, etc.

CERTIVEA, a trusted third-party is at your side for your urban planning or infrastructure project

As a developer, you manage projects that are increasingly complex due to the range of issues that need to be addressed and the number of stakeholders that have to be brought together.

You need to prove to your stakeholders (elected officials, administrations, inhabitants, businesses, associations, investors and rating agencies, etc.) that each of your projects is efficient and sustainable.

We are able to meet your needs as a trusted third-party that denotes quality.

As a committed certification body, we can help you in France, Europe and around the world to:

· respond to the new sustainable, smart and inclusive city challenges;

· incorporate and anticipate societal and environmental changes;

· manage the growing complexity of infrastructure and development projects;

· and ultimately, make your infrastructure or region more efficient and sustainable.

We offer two complementary approaches:

· a comprehensive approach via two HQE certifications designed for sustainable urban planning: HQE Sustainable Urban Planning1 and HQE Sustainable Infrastructure

· an indirect approach, making it mandatory to obtain HQE Building or HQE Sustainable Building certification for each of the non-residential buildings to be constructed, renovated or operated in the region you are developing.

Two HQE certifications adapted to all development or infrastructure projects

HQE Sustainable Urban Planning and HQE Sustainable Infrastructure are both based on a reference framework established in partnership with Alliance HQE-GBC and consistent with the HQE frame of reference for the building, offering a flexible and contextualised approach on the ground.

Both include:

· goals for improving your project’s societal, economic and environmental performance, while considering local characteristics;

· a Project Management System, addressing your project’s governance issues: consultation with stakeholders, control of costs and deadlines, etc.

Their schemes are each built around 19 themes and cover all sustainable development issues.

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