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OsmoZ Interior Design

OsmoZ Interior Design covers the interior design of work spaces. It mainly helps Work Environment Departments offer their employees healthy, high-quality and user-friendly working environments in line with changing work patterns and promotes collective efficiency.


A building must integrate all digital issues, not just connectivity, if it wants to be protected from the risk of accelerated obsolescence. The R2S Label was designed for this purpose, in partnership with the Smart Buildings Alliance.

Design of work spaces: a key project for collective performance

The Covid-19 crisis and confinements have accelerated the transformation in work patterns and organisations. With the increase in hybrid working, the need to personify the company and energise the collective spirit, and employee aspirations to reconcile wellbeing with performance, etc., companies must adapt their organisations and their buildings to the new work situation.

Whether companies are relocating or keeping their offices, many are choosing to start over and redesign their work spaces.

These restructuring projects are essential for an organisation’s performance and appeal, particularly in the wake of the health crisis and the need to restore meaning and value to life in the office.

A new interior design project helps to make work spaces greener, healthier, friendlier and more inclusive with a richer array of services, in line with employees’ aspirations and increasing their sense of belonging.

It can also make work spaces more modular and adaptable, accelerating the organisation’s digital transformation, reducing its environmental footprint and optimising its floor space and operating costs.

A sensitive project at the crossroads of numerous issues

You intend to develop or manage a project to design or redesign your interior work spaces in all or part of a building in a public or private organisation.

Your project will stand at the crossroads of organisational, human resources and real estate issues, issues that have societal, economic, digital and environmental implications.

It requires the involvement and contribution of your organisation’s various departments, which are the project’s stakeholders: Departments that use the new spaces and those directly involved in the project with you (Human Resources, IT Systems, CSR and Communication departments, etc.).

CERTIVEA, a trusted third-party is at your side for your interior planning project

In view of such complexity, you need to have the performance of these new work spaces recognised by all of your stakeholders: Executive Committee, users and operators of these spaces and the departments directly involved in the project with you, etc.

We are able to meet your needs as a trusted third-party that denotes quality.

As a committed certification body, we can help you in France, Europe and worldwide to:

· respond to the new situation in terms of work patterns and work spaces;

· manage the complexity of a sensitive, cross-cutting project;

· increase your stakeholders’ support for your project, employees’ sense of belonging and your organisation’s employment brand;

· and lastly, improve your organisation’s performance and efficiency.

Our two solutions for your project: OsmoZ Interior Design and Ready2Service

· OsmoZ Interior Design1 offers solutions for designing interior spaces that improve Quality of Life at Work. It helps you to offer employees healthy, high-quality and user-friendly working environments in line with changing work patterns and promoting collective efficiency.

It is structured around six key issues: Environmental health, Healthy lifestyle, lifework / Life balance, Communication and social relationships, Functions (facilities and services, etc.) and the Collaborative approach (project management, co-construction).

· The design of work spaces provides an opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of the organisation, its buildings and their operation (via the online reservation of workstations or installation of sensors for a smarter building, for example).

Ready2Services2 allows you to incorporate all digital related issues during an interior planning project. Developed in partnership with the Smart Buildings Association3, it is central to our family of dedicated Digital labels.


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