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HQE Building family

Improve the environmental, societal and economic performance of your buildings, increase their value

HQE Sustainable Building family

Go beyond HQE Building, meet the objectives of the European Taxonomy, improve your ESG rating, SRI...

HQE Sustainable Territories family

Improve the environmental, societal and economic performance of your infrastructure or territories

'Environment' labels family

Six labels attest to the performance of buildings on the themes of energy, carbon or biodiversity

Central governments and regional authorities own and operate numerous buildings that provide a wide variety of functions: teaching, office space, sport, culture, leisure, community services, police, law courts, care homes and historical monuments, etc.

Their stocks of buildings are impacted by the major climate, energy, digital and societal transitions under way and the public policies that accompany them1.

The French Government provides financial assistance to renew the public stock of buildings through its Plan France Relance stimulus package, which lays down requirements to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of buildings.

The improvement, modernisation and maintenance of public buildings has become a strategic issue and one that is central to the serious financial and climate challenges. Their renovation is essential for reducing the energy bill and becoming carbon neutral.

Various data demonstrate the situation in France (2020 figures): 300,000 buildings (280 million sqm) are owned by regional authorities and 191.000 buildings (100 million sqm) are state-owned.

The largest share (155 million sqm) is used for education: 27,000 primary schools, 7,000 secondary schools, 4,000 high schools and 15 million sqm for universities.

  • 491,000 public buildings
  • 380 million sqm, i.e. 37% of the national stock of non-residential buildings
  • 76% of the energy consumed by municipalities
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In their role as planners and developers of these stocks of buildings, along with all of their public service missions, governments and local authorities face several key challenges:

  • to be exemplary in their implementation of public policy;
  • to manage public funds effectively, cut spending (energy, water, waste, care and maintenance, etc.) and gain access to green financing;
  • to bring public policymakers closer to citizens and users of their buildings;
  • to make cities and neighbourhoods more sustainable, more inclusive and more digital;
  • to act on their policy commitments to sustainable development and be more accountable to citizens in terms of their sustainable development actions.

CERTIVEA is at your side for more efficient and sustainable buildings and territories

Education, culture, sport, transport, healthcare, social action and economic development, etc.

You are an elected official or government officer responsible for construction, property stock, infrastructure or planning and development projects.

Whatever your situation, you need to have the performance of your buildings or land planning projects recognised by all of your stakeholders: Government, elected officials, electorate, residents, public service users, users of your buildings, businesses and associations, etc.

We are able to meet your needs as a trusted third-party that denotes quality.

As a committed certification body, we can help you in France, Europe and worlwide to:

  • improve user comfort and quality of life in your buildings and your land planning projects;
  • anticipate and incorporate regulatory and societal changes;
  • manage the growing complexity of your real estate or urban planning projects;
  • and ultimately, make your buildings more efficient and sustainable.

Our solutions respond to the different needs of public actors:

Our solutions take a comprehensive approach through HQE certification and a more targeted one via the use of dedicated labels.

  • Our three families of HQE certifications help you tackle the different sustainable development challenges of all your projects (construction, renovation, operation, infrastructure or urban planning). The HQE Building family is designed for all non-residential property stakeholders. The HQE Sustainable Building family covers more themes, making it more demanding. It primarily targets the projects of stakeholders looking to meet the European Taxonomy objectives and, more broadly, ESG criteria. See more

HQE Urban Planning and HQE Sustainable Infrastructure

In the HQE Sustainable Territories family, the two HQE Sustainable Urban Planning (HQE-SP) and HQE Sustainable Infrastructure (HQE-SI) certifications certify that your development project and your infrastructure project, respectively, are collaborative, sustainable and efficient.

HQE-SP and HQE-SI are both based on a reference framework developed in partnership with Alliance HQE-GBC, which is consistent with the HQE framework for buildings and allows for a flexible and contextualised approach on the ground.

  • Our family of dedicated environmental labels lets you focus on the issue or issues that you consider a priority for each of your projects: energy, carbon or biodiversity.