You work for a design office

or engineering consultancy firm

Our solutions in response to your needs

HQE Building family

Improve the environmental, societal and economic performance of your buildings, increase their value

HQE Sustainable Building family

Go beyond HQE Building, meet the objectives of the European Taxonomy, improve your ESG rating, SRI...

HQE Sustainable Territories family

Improve the environmental, societal and economic performance of your infrastructure or territories

Specialised 'Environment' labels family

Six labels attest to the performance of new or renovated buildings on the themes of energy, carbon or biodiversity with brands such as Effinergie, BBCA and Biodivercity.

Specialised 'Quality of Life' labels family

OsmoZ Built, OsmoZ Interior Design and OsmoZ HR evaluate the building's characteristics that promote the health and well-being of users. The Accessibility label, designed with Handigo, values the use by all
Quality of life Labels

Specialised 'Digital' labels family

A building must now integrate all digital issues if it wants to be protected from the risk of accelerated obsolescence. The Ready2Services (R2S) label was designed for this purpose, in partnership with the SBA.
Digital Labels

City and real estate stakeholders have a growing need for expert advice, guidance and assistance in the face of major transitions associated with the climate, energy, digital technology, work patterns and finance, along with the challenges of deploying the public policies that accompany them. You are tasked with helping these stakeholders incorporate sustainable development in each of their projects effectively, in line with their budgets and objectives.

Design offices and engineering consultancy firms play a strategic role in developing relevant solutions to improve the environmental, societal, financial and digital performance of their clients’ projects.

Whether they include all sustainable development themes or just specialise in energy, the environment, quality of life at work or smart buildings, all stakeholders play a role in the transition towards more sustainable buildings and regions, with a greater focus on the human and environmental aspect.

This transition is complex because each project has to reconcile numerous challenges and constraints, while meeting the requirements of European and national public policy.

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CERTIVEA, a trusted third-party, is at your side for more efficient and sustainable buildings and urban planning projects

You work for a design office or engineering consultancy firm.

Whether your company assists public or private project owners, operating at local, national or international level, or whether you work on buildings under construction, in renovation, or in operation, or on urban planning projects, you need to prove to your clients and their stakeholders that you have met the objectives set and that their buildings or land planning projects are therefore more efficient and more sustainable.

We are able to meet your needs as a trusted third-party that denotes quality.

As a committed certification body, we can help you in France, Europe and worldwide:

  • to incorporate the various sustainable development issues in your clients’ projects;
  • to anticipate regulatory and societal changes;
  • to better manage the growing complexity of property and development projects;
  • and ultimately, to improve your clients’ buildings and quality of life of those who use them

A comprehensive response to your own needs and those of your clients

Our team of experts, our six families of solutions and our range of services provide a comprehensive response to your clients’ different needs.

  • Our team is here to listen, initially to understand the challenges your clients face and to discuss with you the most relevant certification and or label(s), before responding to any technical questions you may have and arranging the necessary checks and audits, in strict observance of our obligations as an independent and impartial certification body.
  • All of our solutions are unique in their scope:
    •  Three families of HQE certifications: HQE Building, HQE Sustainable Building and HQE Sustainable Territories Planning
    •  Three families of dedicated labels: Environment (energy, climate and biodiversity, etc.), Quality of Life (health, wellbeing) and Digital.

Both in France and around the world, these solutions will provide you with a response that is tailored to the needs of each of your clients, whether public or private, local, national or international, and whatever the project (construction, renovation or operation, etc.) or building use.

  • We round off our solutions with various services, which you will often be the first to use:
    • Training courses, to obtain the status of Referent for professionals who are familiar with our schemes
    • A new digital platform called CERTIDOC for accessing technical documentation
    • A new digital platform called ISIA for managing certification applications online.