Why choose CERTIVEA?

There are at least 12 good reasons for choosing Certivea. Whether you already work with us or intend to in the future!

1. Leader in France and in Europe

We are the leaders in France, Europe’s top country for the certification of non-residential buildings, with the largest number of buildings certified.

2. Partners of Alliance HQE-GBC

We are the long-standing, exclusive partner of Alliance HQE-GBC France (Green Building Council) for HQE certification of non-residential buildings, infrastructure and urban planning.


3. We serve the general interest

By nature and conviction:

· We are a subsidiary of the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB), a public industrial and commercial organisation (EPIC).

· We believe that more sustainable buildings help make towns and cities more sustainable for a better quality of life.


4. At the heart of the Building ecosystem

We are at the heart of the sustainable buildings and sustainable cities ecosystem, we are members of several committees and networks and are also partners to the State and numerous professional associations.

5. Schemes that bring added value

We and our partners build schemes that are recognised by urban planning and non-residential property stakeholders for the value they add to their projects.

6. A unique experience

Our experience is unique, due to the diversity of our clients and the diversity of the projects we have certified in Europe and around the world for the past fifteen years.

7. A global approach

We take a comprehensive approach, incorporating all issues of sustainable development in a balanced way (all must be addressed) and prescribing no technical solutions. We believe that there can be no quality of life without environmental quality, and no environmental quality without quality of life.

8. A humanist approach

We are resolute humanists, as seen by the importance we place on the quality of living environments and the wellbeing of their users in our schemes.

9. Our engagement to help our clients

We help each individual client to improve the efficiency of their building or urban development. Our first step is to understand their concerns and objectives and to advise them on the most relevant certification and/or labelling for their project.

10. Developing close relations

We encourage direct and close relations: our clients and their design offices can talk to our representatives throughout the certification or labelling process.

11. Reliable certifications and labels

We go beyond the practice of self-assessment and declaration. We call directly on the services of an independent third party to perform checks and audits on the data submitted by our clients, their design offices or any other business partner, which is usually done on the ground.

12. COFRAC accreditation

In France, we are COFRAC-accredited (French accreditation committee) for several certifications and labels that we issue (COFRAC accreditation 5-0054, certification of products and services, the scope of which can be found at


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