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CERTIVEA provides a wide range of services : trainings, list of Referents, digital platforms, valorisation packages… around its labels and certifications
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TRAINING: Addressing the transitions currently under way and gain an in-depth understanding of CERTIVEA’s solutions to improve the performance of your operations

Nos services CERTIVEA

CERTIVEA offers building and urban planning professionals a range of training courses to help them gain an in-depth knowledge of our certification/labels and better understand the energy, environmental, societal, economic and digital transitions. This helps to improve the performance of your projects (buildings, infrastructure and urban planning, etc.) in terms of their sustainability.

The training courses we offer in partnership with CSTB Formations will also expand your understanding of the regulations, along with the various tools and solutions available to help get your expertise recognised. In addition to the training schedule presented below, CERTIVEA and CSTB Formations also organise training sessions conducted by specialised CERTIVEA managers inside or outside the company, depending on your needs. Training is available remotely or in the classroom.

Four types of training courses are available:

Referents training

For managing CERTIVEA’s certification and labelling processes more effectively and to obtain official recognition of your ability to support project owners in France and worldwide.

‘Building’ courses

For gaining a deeper understanding of some of CERTIVEA’s certification and labelling schemes, with a focus on buildings. Objectives: to help you incorporate sustainable development issues more fully in your projects; to help you improve and measure their performance; and to inform you about innovations and best practices.

‘Territories solutions' courses

For a deeper understanding of some of the themes studied in HQE Territories certifications (HQE Sustainable Urban Planning and HQE Sustainable Infrastructure).

‘Quality of Life’ courses

For a deeper understanding of all of the Osmoz themes to boost the performance of organisations and employee wellbeing by identifying areas for improvement.

REFERENTS: A network of professionals recognised for their in-depth knowledge of CERTIVEA solutions

Nos services CERTIVEA

What is a Referent?

The network of CERTIVEA Referents, covering France and abroad, comprises professionals recognised for their in-depth knowledge of our certifications and/or labels.

These Referents are recognised after following a training course and having passed successfully the corresponding exam (see Training chapter above). Recognition can be obtained for several solutions offered by CERTIVEA. It should be noted that such recognition is obtained intuitae personae (on an individual basis).

Belonging to the network of CERTIVEA Referents means more visibility for you and improves your interaction with project owners, who may call on your services to help them achieve their objectives. It also provides access to the CERTIDOC and ISIA tools.

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Get help from a Referent recognized by CERTIVEA to carry out your project
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For which of CERTIVEA’s solutions can the Referent recognition be obtained?

The three families of HQE certifications:

  • HQE Building and HQE Sustainable Building Referent
  • HQE Sustainable Urban Planning Referent
  • HQE Sustainable Infrastructure Referent

In the Environment labels family:

  • Energy & Carbon Referent (including E+C-, BBCA, Effinergie)

In the Digital labels family:

  • R2S-Ready2Services Referent
  • R2S-4GRIDS Referent

In the Quality of Life labels family:

  • OsmoZ Referent
  • Accessibility Referent

Training dates:

Consult the schedule for the training courses offered by CERTIVEA in partnership with CSTB Formations and sign up at :
See our trainings

DIGITAL PLATFORMS: Geolocation, documentation and monitoring of projects



An online platform for accessing the technical documentation associated with our solutions.

CERTIDOC is a free tool designed exclusively for our Referents and Auditors commissioned by CERTIVEA.

(The information available on CERTIDOC comprises document packages associated with each certification or labelling scheme, together with technical guides and training material for Referents and for Auditors).



To search for and locate projects with CERTIVEA certification or labelling in France and worldwide

Several search filters are available. Contact CERTIVEA if you require more detailed statistics.



logo ISIA

A secure online platform for monitoring your project’s progress.

Once your project has begun the certification or labelling process, CERTIVEA provides you and your design office with an online multi-service platform called ISIA (Innovative Sustainable, Interactive Application), where you can consult all the data on your project and ask any technical questions you may have. Access to the ISIA platform is included in the cost of the certification or labelling service and is free of charge to Referents. You can also subscribe to the platform if you just want to do a self-assessment or are a design office without Referent status.

CELEBRATION: Tools available to promote your projects

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CERTIVEA offers several tools to promote the performances achieved on your projects and your role as a committed supporter of sustainable development:

· Markings corresponding to your certification or label and the level of performance obtained (free of charge, upon request);

· Indoor/outdoor signage available in different sizes (A2, A3, A4, 13.5 x 13.5);

· Posters in different materials (recycled or re-stickable photographic paper);

· Your project featured on our website and social media platforms (in business case format) (free of charge, upon request);

· An official on-site presentation of your certificate by a CERTIVEA representative (free of charge, upon request);

· A joint press event (free of charge, upon request).

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