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A network of professionals recognized by CERTIVEA to support you in your certification or labeling procedures in France and abroad
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Who are the CERTIVEA Referents?

Nos services CERTIVEA

Referents are professionals recognized by CERTIVEA for their knowledge of our certifications and labels.

Their role is to support project leaders in their certification and labeling procedures.

Their knowledge is recognised after completing specific training and passing the corresponding examination. This recognition can be obtained by a natural person within a given company and for one or more CERTIVEA certification or labeling solutions.

The network of Referents recognized by CERTIVEA extends France and internationally.

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Find a Referent recognized by CERTIVEA to support you in your certification and labeling efforts in France and internationally.
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On which CERTIVEA solutions can the Referent support you?

The 3 families of HQE certifications

  • HQE Building and HQE Sustainable Building
  • HQE Sustainable Urban Planning
  • HQE Sustainable Infrastructure

The 'Environment' family of labels

  • Energy & Carbon Referent (including E+C-, BBCA, Effinergie)

The 'Digital' family of labels

  • R2S-Ready2Services
  • R2S-4GRIDS

The 'Quality of Life' family of labels

  • OsmoZ
  • Accessibility

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