Our Partners

CERTIVEA cooperates with a network of expert partners on various themes in France and worldwide

Our Partners

AFNOR Certification

AFNOR Certification is a leading independent third-party body in France, providing certification and systems assessment services, along with a range of other services, products and expertise. A subsidiary of the AFNOR association, AFNOR Certification heads the NF certification system which offers solutions that denote trust, such as the AFAQ certification, various Diversity and Equality labels and the European Ecolable, etc.

AFNOR CERTIFICATION has commissioned CERTIVEA to develop and deliver certification in the form of NF marks for non-residential buildings, non-residential buildings in operation and sports facilities.

HQE-GBC Alliance


Alliance HQE-GBC is a coalition of professionals that supports sustainable living environments and represents the World Green Building Council (World GBC) in France.

It is comprised of trade unions, trade federations, businesses, local authorities and professionals in the sector. Buildings, urban developments and infrastructure at every stage of their lifecycle – construction, operation, renovation – are the core of its DNA, with a comprehensive and cross-cutting approach encompassing quality of life, respect for the environment, financial performance and responsible management.

CERTIVEA has built its families of HQE solutions around the reference framework developed by the Alliance and is also on its Board.

Low Carbon Building Association (BBCA)

The Low Carbon Building Association (BBCA) comprises key players in the construction sector and numbers around 120 members: architects, property developers, builders and design offices. A pioneer in this field, the BBCA has managed to rally professionals in the property sector who are looking to play an active role in fighting climate change by embarking on a path of low-carbon construction.

CERTIVEA operates the labels developed by the BBCA association, offering its expertise as a certification body committed to sustainable living environments.


Logo Cerqual

CERQUAL Qualitel Certification helps housing professionals build, renovate and operate high-quality residential buildings that are healthy, comfortable and sustainable for the wellbeing of their occupants. A key player in housing certification in France, it has certified more than 2.5 million dwellings during its forty-year existence.

CERTIVEA and CERQUAL QUALITEL CERTIFICATION are partners in offering HQE certification worldwide for buildings in the residential and non-residential sectors.

China Academy of Building Research (CABR)

Logo China Academy of Building Research

Founded in 1953, the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is the largest, most diverse research institution in China’s building industry. Historically attached to the Ministry of Construction (MOC), it is now a technology company affiliated to the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).

The CABR helps to raise awareness on the HQE families and promote dual HQE and 3 STARS certification (Chinese certification).


International Biodiversity and Property Council (IBPC)

The IBPC is a new biodiversity and property network led by stakeholders involved in city, property and urban life projects. Its mission is to promote urban biodiversity and the relationship between humans and nature in the realms of urban planning, construction, day-to-day neighbourhood life and city blocks.

CERTIVEA operates the labels developed by the IBPC, offering its expertise as a certification body committed to sustainable living environments.

Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB)


The Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) is a public commercial and industrial enterprise (EPIC) serving its clients and the public interest. Its ambition is to envisage tomorrow’s buildings and cities by supporting sustainable building and renovation projects and making them secure, and to improve their users’ quality of life by anticipating the effects of climate change. To fulfil this ambition, the CSTB has acquired skills in a wide range of fields and is active in five key areas: research and expert assessment, evaluation, certification, testing and the dissemination of knowledge.

The CSTB is both our parent company and our partner for research and training. CSTB Formations offers training courses to better manage our certification/label processes.


Logo Effinergie

The EFFINERGIE Association is looking to take the energy performance of buildings under construction and in renovation to a whole new level. Through its labels, EFFINERGIE has helped make new low-energy buildings more widespread in France and is working to expand low-energy renovation. It conveys France’s definition of positive-energy buildings and is extending the concept to entire neighbourhoods.

CERTIVEA issues the labels developed by the EFFINERGIE Association, offering its expertise as a certification body committed to sustainable living environments.

Fundacao Vanzolini

Logo Fundacao Vanzolini

The Fundação Vanzolini is a non-profit organisation run by professors from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo since 1967. It is Brazil’s leading management systems certification body. The Fundação Vanzolini is a member of IQNet (International Certification Network) and a founding member of the Sustainable Building Alliance.

The Fundação Vanzolini runs the AQUA-HQE certification program in Brazil and has its own specific scheme.


Drawing on the expertise of architects and other professionals, Handigo helps project owners and general contractors implement their accessibility policies. The agency offers a wide range of support and expert advice in all accessibility and Design for All issues.

CERTIVEA issues the Accessibility Label, deriving from its work with Handigo, a useful set of tools for professionals in the sector, supporting them from the very start of their project to providing accessibility designed for all.

Industrial Research Institute (IRI)

Logo Industrial Research Institute

Founded in 1953, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) is a Lebanese non-profit association registered as a public utility since 17 August 1955. The Institute is attached to the Ministry for Industry and has administrative and financial autonomy to conduct studies, industrial research and scientific testing, calibration, inspection and certification (systems, products and personnel).

The IRI manages the CEDRE-HQE certification in Lebanon and has its own specific scheme.

Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA)

Unique in terms of the diversity and transversality of its 460 members, the SBA’s mission is to support all building and city stakeholders in their digital and environmental transition to serve all users. The SBA’s objective is to rethink the sustainable planning and development of buildings, cities and regions by integrating the digital dimension as effectively as possible.

CERTIVEA develops all of the solutions in its Digital family in partnership with the Alliance, based on its R2S reference framework. It is also on the SBA’s Board.