Our Stakeholder commitees

reflecting the diversity of our ecosystem
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Committees to better identify the needs and expectations of our stakeholders 

CERTIVEA’s committees are chaired by CERTIVEA’s President, Patrick Nossent. Their main mission is to make CERTIVEA’s stakeholders engaged partners in:

  • developing and recommending relevant solutions;
  • complying with the ethical standards of a certification body.

By regularly consulting its stakeholders through these committees, CERTIVEA is looking to:

  • better identify their needs and expectations;
  • maintain permanent contact with professionals in the sector;
  • ensure the relevance and recognition of the solutions it offers;
  • ensure the feasibility and added value of solutions for its clients;
  • maintain a balanced and objective view of the areas in which it is active;
  • and to fulfil its obligations as a third-party certification body.

‘Building’ Committee: Four colleges

‘Project Owners'

‘Building Professionals’

‘Building Users’

‘Institutional and General Interest'

‘Territories committee’  Four groups

‘Developers and Project Owners

‘Land Planning Professionals’


‘Institutional and General Interest’

Mission Committee

A Mission Committee will be set up in 2022, following the decision to make CERTIVEA a “Société à Mission”. The concept of “Société à Mission” was introduced by France’s Pact Law, whereby a company states its mission through several social and environmental objectives. CERTIVEA’s Executive Committee therefore adopted the corporate mission of being a certification body committed to sustainable living environments.

The Mission Committee’s primary objective is to ensure that the mission adopted by CERTIVEA is properly implemented, particularly with regard to its impartiality (with measures already undertaken to protect its impartiality) and its commitment to draw up an annual report demonstrating its impartiality.