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With a global presence since 2013, CERTIVEA offers its certifications and labels around the world.


CERTIVEA in Europe and Worldwide

In Europe

With its headquarters in France, CERTIVEA is a major European player in the certification sector. Like its parent company, the CSTB, it participates in various European research programmes to promote sustainable construction.

CERTIVEA’s certifications and labels are aligned with Europe’s sustainable construction initiatives, both the Level(s) indicators and the European Taxonomy.

CERTIVEA can also set up intervention process that are appropriate for the stocks of buildings in Europe (via a process of sampling to reduce the project’s duration and budget).

In Africa

CERTIVEA established an office in Morocco in 2018 to pursue its activities across the African continent;

CERTIVEA and SAZ (Société d’Aménagement de Zenata), a development company in Morocco, signed an agreement appointing CERTIVEA as operator of the Ecocity Label, promoting sustainable towns and cities across the African continent.

In Brazil

the Fundação Vanzolini (FCAV) operates the AQUA-HQE certification programme locally with its own special scheme.

In China

the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) helps raise awareness on the HQE families and encourages double HQE and 3 STARS certification (Chinese certification).

In Lebanon

the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) operates the CEDRE-HQE certification programme locally with its own special scheme.

Our partners and international representatives

Do you have a project in Brazil?

Please contact our certification partners in Brazil:    

Manuel Martins: or 


For more information: Fundação Vanzolini 
List of certified projects 
Follow the Fundação Vanzolini on Twitter: @vanzolini


Do you have a project in Lebanon?

Contact Dr. Imad Hage Chehadeh, our certification partner in Lebanon:

For more information:

Do you have a project in Morocco or elsewhere in Africa?

Please contact Fahd Aouni, our agent in Morocco:

Fahd Aouni :

call: +212 6 60 66 66 02

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Would you like more information?

The International Development Department is at your disposal to help you in the certification or labeling of your projects outside France.

A network of Referents is present worldwide to offer you support

There is also a strong network of professionals (called Referents) who are trained and recommended by CERTIVEA, to assist you with all your sustainable projects abroad.
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Special training courses for candidates worldwide

CERTIVEA offers qualifying (Referent status) and introduction training courses in several countries, both online and in the classroom.

Write to: or call +33 (0)1 40 50 28 85.

Academic partnerships

In China

  • Guangzhou University

In Tunisia

– Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture et de Design (ESAD),

– Polytech INTL,

– Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme (ENAU).

In Mexico

  • Universidad Nacional de Mexico (UNAM).