the best guarantee that your buildings, their interior design and their motivational aspect are positive for Quality of Life at Work.

OsmoZ is designed for companies (General Management, Real Estate, Work Environment and CSR Departments) that want to improve their employees’ quality of life, as well as real estate companies, developers and investors seeking to promote their buildings’ contribution to the health and wellbeing of their users.

OsmoZ offers solutions in three key areas: the building, its interior spaces and its motivational aspect. It therefore includes three corresponding focus: OsmoZ Build, OsmoZ Interior Design and OsmoZ HR Motivation), which can be pursued individually, in pairs or all together:

· either once on a one year period for an existing building or one under construction;

· or over a three-year cycle as part of a continuous improvement approach.

OsmoZ takes a cross-cutting and collaborative approach to Quality of Life at Work. It helps each company to organise its work spaces in line with its activities, culture and organisation.

OsmoZ, its scheme, its action with three key focus and its three-component structure were developed by CERTIVEA in partnership with Quality of Life at Work experts and stakeholders.

Their scope is wider than the labels that focus solely on health and wellbeing. They also differ from these other labels in their holistic, non-intrusive, collaborative and European approach, and in the respect for privacy and ability to adapt to different situations.

OsmoZ Build, OsmoZ Interior Design and OsmoZ HR Motivation

Each key area of OsmoZ and, therefore, each OsmoZ component, covers a specific field and is mostly designed for a specific department within a company.

The companies opting for two or all three OsmoZ components are provided with a more comprehensive road map involving several departments and supporting a cross-cutting approach.

  • OsmoZ Build covers the building’s intrinsic qualities that promote employees’ health, wellbeing and quality of life. It mainly helps Property Departments design and build healthy and comfortable buildings that serve their users’ needs.
  • OsmoZ Interior Design covers the interior design of work spaces. It mainly helps Work Environment Departments offer their employees healthy, high-quality and user-friendly working environments in line with changing work patterns and promotes collective efficiency.
  • OsmoZ HR Motivation covers everything that improves quality of life in the work place: motivation, consultation, services, general rules and meeting user needs, etc. It mainly helps Human Resources Departments energise the work place and boost the sense of wellbeing and belonging, with the general aim of improving performance.

Three schemes built around six key issues

Schéma OsmoZ

Environmental health – Healthy lifestyle – Work / Life balance – Communication and social relations – Functions – Collaborative approach

OsmoZ adresses six key issues for quality of life at work through themes and requirements for each of the three key focus of the label: the building, its interior design and its motivational aspect:

· Environmental health: environmental factors (air quality, water quality, acoustics, thermal environment, visual ambience and radio waves, etc.) that may affect the health or wellbeing of the building’s users or employees

· Healthy lifestyle: behaviour (physical activity, diet, fatigue, sleep and rest, etc.) and other action (education on health, cleanliness and hygiene of spaces, interaction with nature, etc.) that can impact the health and wellbeing of the building’s users or employees

· work / life balance: HR policies (teleworking, work rythm and disconnection, etc.) and services (transport, childcare centre, etc.) that promote a balanced work and personal life for employees

· Communication and social relationships: factors that facilitate social and interpersonal relationships, improve good relations, foster creativity, innovation, team spirit, inclusion, diversity and fight discrimination

· Functions: layout, facilities, services and tools that enable the building’s users or employees to perform their activities to the best of their ability in quality spaces (access, usage and digital technology, etc.) that are safe, secure, ergonomic, flexible and adaptable

· Collaborative approach: project management, consultation, cooperation, co-construction, satisfaction surveys and support during periods of change, etc., aimed at uniting all stakeholders, encouraging them to get involved and making projects to improve quality of life at work successful

Some themes and requirements are common to both OsmoZ and HQE certification. To avoid auditing the same requirements twice, the Ready2OsmoZ certification recognises that an HQE certified new-build meets several of the OsmoZ Build requirements.

OsmoZ: When? How? What cost? What score?, etc.

Recommended phase for labelling entry

  • Case no. 1: request for label for an existing building or one under construction for a period of one year
  • Case no. 2: request for label for an existing building for a three-year cycle

Contact with a Referent recognised by CERTIVEA

  • Recommended to use an expert well-acquainted with the label requirements
  • 29 professionals are OsmoZ referents (number at 01-01-2022).

Contact with CERTIVEA during the labelling process

  • Contact with your CERTIVEA correspondent by e-mail or phone

Scoring scale

  • OsmoZ score = average scores obtained for each of the six issues in one or more OsmoZ components sought by the client

Communication on labelling

  • Information may be circulated on the labelling in progress, specifying the OsmoZ component(s) sought
  • At the end of the process, there is no time limit on communication on the label issued by CERTIVEA, indicating the year obtained (the score obtained does not need to be indicated)

Amount paid to CERTIVEA for the labelling process

  • Depends on project and total surface area of building
  • €8.000 excl. tax on average for each OsmoZ component
  • Price includes the cost of the auditor, an independent third party commissioned and paid by CERTIVEA.

OsmoZ, issued by CERTIVEA: key stages

OsmoZ for one year only

OsmoZ over a three-year cycle