'Quality of Life' labels

the best guarantee that your building’s users live or work in healthy and inclusive spaces, promoting wellbeing and efficiency.
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A few years ago, we looked at supplementing our certification and label solutions for non-residential buildings with labels that certify the quality of life in these buildings. We began with the key issue of Quality of Work Life (QWL).

Today, our family of Quality of Life labels is designed for all public and private stakeholders responsible for non-residential property, the workplace environment or human resources, who are looking for work spaces and experiences that meet employee expectations and the challenges companies face.

These issues, central to organisational performance, are becoming increasingly strategic in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis and the need to restore meaning and value to life at work.

The family of Quality of Life labels today includes “Osmoz” and “Accessibility”. This family of labels is set to expand.

'OsmoZ' label

Osmoz offers solutions in three key areas to improve Quality of Life at Work: the building, its interior spaces and team motivation. OsmoZ has three components: OsmoZ Built, OsmoZ Interior Design and OsmoZ HR. CERTIVEA has designed the schemes in cooperation with Quality of Life at Work experts and stakeholders.
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'Accessibility' label

Accessibility certifies that a building is adapted to the needs of all users, particularly people who are elderly, pregnant or have a disability. We developed its scheme in partnership with the Handigo architectural agency.
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A family of labels set to expand

The Quality of Life labels family will soon be expanded as it is an essential issue everywhere and not just in companies.

New labels will soon certify the quality of life in schools and health establishments and the quality of life of senior citizens.

We are working to this end to develop and try out new schemes as part of research programmes, in partnership with local authorities and our parent company, the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB).

Benefits of Quality of Life at Work labels:

Progress at various levels:

· Improve the health, wellbeing, comfort and safety of all employees and visitors who use your buildings, including those with disabilities

· Promote your HR policy and managerial practices and see that your buildings and work spaces are recognised as healthy, inclusive and in line with employee aspirations

· Boost your organisation’s employment brand, its employees’ sense of belonging and its appeal to new talent

· Protect your buildings and work spaces against the risk of obsolescence by making them accessible to all and incorporating changing work patterns

· Boost employee support for your interior design, relocation or reorganisation projects and help your organisation make them a success

· More generally, Improve your organisation’s performance and efficiency by providing a better quality of life at work and greater employee mobilisation.

The benefits of Quality of Life labels are particularly important today in the wake of the health crisis and the need to reinvent and even restore some of the appeal of office life.

They will cover the same issues of health, wellbeing, inclusion and adaptation to societal change, to assess the quality of life of senior citizens and the quality of life in schools and health establishments.