HQE Building family

the best guarantee that your building is efficient and sustainable

Launched by Certivea in June 2022, the new family of HQE Building (HQE-B) certifications is designed for all non-residential real estate stakeholders whatever their size, whether public or private, and whether or not they have an HQE track record.

HQE Building offers 3 types of certifications: HQE-B Construction, HQE-B Renovation and HQE-B in Operation. Their modular schemes can be adapted to the type of building to be certified: offices, retail, warehouse, hotel, childcare centre, school, campus, museum,library, etc.

The HQE-B schemes for health establishments will be launched by end-2022.

HQE Building under Construction

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HQE Building in Renovation

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HQE Building in Operation

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HQE Building is aligned with the new family of HQE Sustainable Building certifications that offers more themes, which makes it more demanding:

· As a road map, its comprehensive approach helps you manage several sustainable development issues, alongside the growing complexity of construction, renovation and operation projects.

· As a sign of quality, it indicates to all your stakeholders that your property project is efficient and sustainable.

HQE Building is aligned with the new family of HQE Sustainable Building certifications and offers more themes, which makes it more demanding.

What are the main principles of HQE Certifications ?

What are the differences between HQE Building and HQE Sustainable Building ?

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Benefits of HQE Building

· Increases your building’s property, rental and financial value

· Reduces energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs

· Makes your building more appealing, offering its users high-quality, healthy living and working environments that enhance their  wellbeing

· Protects your building against the risk of obsolescence by anticipating regulatory evolutions and keeping pace with societal changes

· Maintains better control over your real estate project’s costs and scheduling (building in construction, renovation or in operation).

Benefits confirmed and quantified by a CBRE study

  • 31 %
    = the market share of certified office buildings grew from 24% to 31% between 2016 and mid-2021.
  • 15 - 18 %
    = the average rental premium for certified office buildings (15% in Ile-de-France and 18% in the Greater Lyon area for the period 2016 to mid-2021)
  • 21 %
    = average premium for rents of certified office buildings (2016 – 2021)

The CBRE study “Does environmental certification drive value creation?”, published at end-2021, focuses on office buildings.

Covering the period 2016 to mid-2021, it studies 15 conurbations in 12 countries, including the Ile-de-France region (Paris + second ring of suburbs) and Greater Lyon area in France.

N.B.: the health crisis accelerated the obsolescence of less efficient office buildings, placing even greater importance and value on HQE certification.