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the best guarantee that your building meets your priority environmental challenges
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The family of Environment labels highlights and endorses the performance of your new or renovated non-residential buildings, with a focus on energy, carbon or biodiversity.

The Environment labels are designed for all public and private, non-residential real estate stakeholders, whatever their size and whatever the type of building: offices, retail outlet, warehouse, hotel, hospital, care home, childcare centre, school, campus, museum,library, etc.

Depending on your project and priority challenges, you can seek one or more labels from the three families offered by Certivea (Environment, Quality of Life and Digital) or HQE certification alongside one or more labels.

Our aim is to simplify access to all of the labels in the Environment family.


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Labels designed with our partners and, in France, by the Government

The Environment labels issued by Certivea include labels designed with partner associations (Effinergie, Association for Low Carbon Building, International Biodiversity and Property Council), and in France, those designed by the Government prior to a regulation.

This is an evolving family of labels and may incorporate all or some of the new labels designed by partner associations, often replacing those of older schemes.

Today, the family of Environment labels includes six main labels:

· Two labels proposed by Certivea in all countries and four labels available only in France, designed by the Environment Ministry and/or in conjunction with a national regulation,

· Four labels for non-residential new-builds, 1 for non-residential buildings under renovation and one label for both new buildings and under renovation (Biodivercity).

Benefits of Environment labels issued by Certivea

Biodivercity Label

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· Gain recognition for and promote the efficiency of your building in terms of your priority environmental challenges

· Increase your building’s property, rental and financial value

· Protect your building against the risk of obsolescence by anticipating regulatory developments and keeping pace with societal changes

· Depending on the label, improve biodiversity or reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs

· Add two signs of quality: the label itself, with its own specific requirements, and the fact that this label is issued by Certivea, a committed certification body known for its reliability