Biodivercity® Life Label

The best evidence that the operation of your building integrates and respects the biodiversity.

The BiodiverCity® Life label assesses, improves, and showcases the existing real estate assets’ performance regarding biodiversity and facilitates actions benefitting living organisms and occupants’ well-being.

It targets owners, managers, users of an existing real estate asset, or any actor involved in the management of premises and vegetated areas of a site. To be eligible, the building must have been operational for 1 year after delivery.

CERTIVEA has been authorized by IBPC to be the sole contract holder for public actors at a national scale in France.

BiodiverCity® Life is particularly recommended for buildings that have (or will eventually have) significant ground-level or building-attached outdoor spaces. It is applicable during Operation.

It includes in its scope of analysis:

  • The diversity of ecosystems: wall, terrace, or roof gardens, water features, gardens, atriums…
  • The diversity of species: plants, birds, insects…
  • The connection to Humans: living spaces, areas to work, rest, garden…

The framework consists of 4 axes to support change and involve site users in a process supportive of urban nature, the ecological quality of exteriors, and the interior of a building.

A label issued by the IBPC association, after verification by CERTIVEA

The BiodiverCity® Life label offers a commitment and continuous improvement approach for existing sites in the field of Biodiversity:

  • Know to act: reveal the local potential and ecological specificities of an existing site.
  • Enhance ecological value: propose actions adapted to the site and beneficial to living organisms.
  • Develop biophilic use value: reconnect users with nature for their well-being and improvement of their living environment.
  • Collectively engage in action: with the guidance of an ecologist, involve company stakeholders and service providers in the development of local biodiversity.
  • Create sustainable partnerships for biodiversity: highlight the facility manager/gardener duo, involve them in the layout and maintenance of outdoor spaces, value their role and place as backers of the preservation of local biodiversity.

The label thus allows each existing site to better integrate living organisms and to practically, visibly, and locally participate in the local ecological transition.


Correspondances avec des indicateurs-clé des politiques publiques, des entreprises et des investisseurs

Objectifs de Développement Durable (ODD) de l’ONU

  • Significant contribution to SDG 15
  • Some contributions to SDGs 3 and 11

EU Green Taxonomy Objectives

  • Contributes to the goal « Protect and restore biodiversity »

EU LEVEL(S) Indicators

  • N/A

BiodiverCity® Life: When? How? What price? What rating?

Recommended phase for initiating the labeling process

  • From the start of the « stabilized » operation phase, i.e., 1 year after the building’s delivery.

Use of an assessor

  • Mandatory use of a CIBI-approved biodiversity expert, who will fill the roles of specialized consultant, and evaluator

Relationships with CERTIVEA during the labeling process

Contact via email or phone with your CERTIVEA representative

Rating scale

  • Performance rating from A to E on each of the four main axes of the label, with a minimum C rating required on all four axes.
  • 5 levels of labeling: from « Basic » to « Exemplary ».

Communications on the label

  • From the transmission of the first certificate, throughout the labeling cycle: 3 years.

Price paid to CERTIVEA to verify compliance with the BiodiverCity® Life guideline

  • Depends on the project and the total surface area of the building
  • Average €6,200 excl. tax.


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